Protect your Documents

Soft / Social DRM for ePUB and PDF Files

Do you run an online store selling digital documents?

Tired of hard DRM which is expensive, annoys your customers and can be hacked anyway?

We offer you a personalized and simple watermarking solution which looks even nice.

With a footer, an (optional) Ex Libris and a customized e-mail. We can also add an invisible but traceable token.

Elegant, easy and unintrusive!

selling documents with social DRM

Is it 100% Safe?

In short: no.

Nothing is 100% safe, hackers can basically remove anything, also hard DRM. For an expert its easier to hack hard DRM than to use it properly.

Our solution discourages piracy which will cover 90% of all scenarios and also adds a nice personal note to your products without any technical restrictions for the end user.

protect your documents with social DRM

We offer you a straightforward API for your online store!

Just send our server a link to your ePub or PDF along with the information to incorporate. We will do all the conversion and send the result either directly to you or to your customer's email address on your behalf.

We can incorporate:

- unintrusive footer text on every PDF page or every EPUB section, containing e.g. the name of the user, her email and IP address, the date of the download...

- Exlib: an additional second page with a custom image which can be marked with a footer text. Use it with your logo or photo and you have a cool branding feature!

- an invisible token which is stored in our database to make the document traceable.

We can handle all PDF page sizes and ePub formats.

API watermarking - social DRM

Need help with your Prestashop or WooCommerce integration?

If your webmaster has no time for it, we can do it for you. (Cost: 750,- €. Integration powered by our partner Complot).

Social DRM or watermarking integrated in Prestashop or WooCommerce

What about a completely customized on-the-fly document modification?

Need something completely different?

Want to add background images?

Turn pages upside down?

Change the pagesize?

Read backwards?

You name it!

Ask our experts and we customize our API to your needs.

customization of social DRM to protect your documents

Want to have your own server solution?

If you need a custom solution which you can run on your own hardware or cloud accounts, our experts can build it four you.

We use a high end technology stack based on Scala/Akka and the Play framework.

Own server solution for social DRM

Can you trust us?

Yes, you can: we know a lot about social DRM!

We have more than 3 years experience with automatic document generation and modification.

Our "Seebook" download cards for watermarked e-books are sold in almost 200 brick and mortar stores and our API is used by various digital magazines.

Digital Tangible (Seebook) experts in social DRM



€20 / month

€200 one-time setup fee

  • Footer on every PDF page or ePub section
  • €0.20 per document
  • 100 documents per month included


€40 / month

€200 one-time setup fee

  • Footer on every PDF page or ePub section
  • Optional custom Exlib page with image and footer
  • Custom email text.
  • €0.15 per document
  • 200 documents per month included


€100 / month

€400 one-time setup fee

  • Footer on every PDF page or ePub section
  • Optional custom Exlib page with image and footer
  • Optional hidden traceable token
  • Custom email text, HTML layout and attachments.
  • €0.10 per document
  • 500 documents per month included


Contact us for a customized solution.