An ebook you can touch

Seebook is basically a download card for ebooks.

By using the codes inside the card, you can download a specific ebook in any common format (ePub, Mobi for Kindle or PDF) and from any current device (tablet, smartphone or PC).


You can use your Seebook card as many times as you want, and even download the same book in more than one format.

The ebooks you download with Seebook are not DRM protected: they just wear a watermark. With Seebook, you own the file you get!

Do you have a friend you used to give books for birthday and you cannot anymore because now she only reads digitally? Sure, you could get her a gift card, but it is not so personal and you want to give her that book and not any other.

With Seebook, you can gift wrap the ebook you have chosen and write a personal note on the free space inside.

Seebook as a gift

You can send it by mail, since Seebooks have no geographic restrictions. So your friends can download them anywhere in the world.

Perhaps you can even get it signed by the author!

author signing a Seebook

As on a DVD, in many of our Seebooks you might find additional features like a podcast exclusively recorded for you by the author, images related to the book, deleted chapters... Because in Seebook we value writing and we know that creating a book implies a little universe that is worth communicating.

Seebook on a Spanish bookstore

How does it work?

It is very easy.

If you use a smartphone or a tablet, you can scan the QR code you will find inside the card.

(Nowadays most devices already have a QR-scanner installed by default. If this is not the case, they are plenty of scan apps you can download for free).

QR scanned on a Seebook card

If you download your ebook from a PC, we suggest introducing this alphanumeric code in

alphanumeric code on a Seebook download card

Now you only have to introduce your email and choose the format you would like for your ebook (ePub, Mobi for Kindle or PDF):

Some minutes later you will get the download link on your inbox :

Now you only have to click and that's it!

Keep your Seebook card: it's nice to have a souvenir from your readings. But above all, you can reuse it anytime if you have lost your ebook and need to download it again.

Why "Seebook"?

Because today, when it comes to reading a book, you have three options:

Option a: the usual paper book

Option b: the ebook

Option c: our Seebook, tangible and digital at the same time.

Since ours is option c, we would love to call it c-book, but in Spanish there is no way to pronounce that nicely. So we chose Seebook, that sounds the same and looks much better.

Moreover, see sounds like sea.

That is why our logo is a fish with big eyes!

Seebook fish

Our Team

The Guys who Make Digital Stuff Tangible

Rosa Sala

Rosa Sala | CEO

Jordi Pérez

Jordi Pérez | COO

Simon Effing

Simon Effing | CTO

Helena Cuesta

Helena Cuesta | Coordination

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