Publishing with us is easy.

You only have to pay us once and we will produce a printrun of your Seebook. We take care of the card layout and, once the final design has been aproved by you, we will print your Seebooks digitally, do the bagging, send you all the copies you would like to get and distribute the rest to our growing network of bookstores and other retailers.

Twice a year we will let you know how many Seebooks have been sold, paying the agreed percentage to you.

bunch of Seebooks

We also provide a secure host for your files, apply the soft DRM (whatermark) to them when a download occurs and answer any technical questions your Seebook users may have.

Each time you ask, but at least once a year, we will send you an updated download report, containing a lot of valuable data to let you know your readers better: when, where and in which format your ebook has been downloaded, which device has been used...

We also offer you the possibility of getting in touch with your readers through email.

Seebook also:

Seebook fish Puts your ebooks in the bookstores, encouraging impulse buying and maintaining the value chain of book production.

Seebook fish Gives you access to a market segment that has been pretty much ignored so far: ebooks as a gift.

Seebook: the best way of giving an ebook

Seebook fish Allows you to enhance your ebook with extra features, like deleted chapters, audios by the author, images, videos... All these files can be downloaded separately, not interfering with the reading process.

Seebook fish Helps you to reduce costs of your press campaigns, letting you monitor if they are being succesful thank's to our business intelligence system.

Seebook fish Helps you to find new promotional strategies: Seebooks signed by the author, Seebooks with prefranked covers to be send by mail, Seebooks as a greeting card, Seebook as a company present to your customers, etc.

If you are interested in publishing with Seebook, contact us. We would love to tell you more and to send you some samples!

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