Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Seebook's Functionality

Yes, you can download the Seebook files in any part of the globe and at any time, without restrictions.
As many times as you like. In case you loose your ebook you can download it again by reusing the codes (QR or alphanumeric) printed on your card. You even can download the same ebook in a different format: that comes handy if at some time you decide to change your e-reader type.

In our main Seebook line the cards are non-transferable: the new download links will be sent to the same email address you used the first time. In our line Seebook Indie they are not: you will be able to give a new email address any time.
We strongly recommend you to do so: a Seebook card is nice memory of your reads. And as long as you keep it you will be able to download your ebook again as many times as needed, so you will never lose your ebook.

Every card on our main Seebook line has a serial number on the cover, so each one is unique. Who knows, perhaps some day your Seebook card will end up being a precious collector-item, like some first book editions... ;)
Seebook: once you enter the code inside the card (QR or alphanumeric) you will be directly sent to a site where you have to introduce your email address in order to get the download link. There you can also choose your preferred format: PDF, ePub or Mobi for Kindle. By repeating this process you can even download the same ebook in more than one format.
Seebook: enter your email address

Our Seebook Indie line is a bit more anarchic. Most of these cards allows you to download both ePub and PDF, although some of them also include Mobi for Kindle. You will see the available formats printed inside the card.
At Seebook we are committed to an alternative that is less invasive and less damaging to the user than the conventional or "hard" DRM. It's called "soft" or "social" DRM. In our own version, it consists in marking visibly your ebook with a beautiful Ex Libris -our ExLib!- containing your email address. Sometimes we also add at the end of the page or section a discreet line containing your email address, your IP address and the date of the download.
With Seebook, you own the file you buy!
Yes, since our Seebook cards are multiformat: the user can choose the preferred format during the download (ePub, Mobi for Kindle or PDF):

ePub: free and open ebook standard. It can be read by most e-readers and software readings systems, except with Kindle. In iPad or iPhone you can read it through iBooks, a free reading app.

Mobi: this is the format currently used by Kindle e-readers or reading apps.

PDF: Portable Document Format, a well known fixed-format used for any kind of documents. You can open it with many e-readers, including Kindle.

As you can see, you can give a Seebook to anyone! You do not have to know beforehand which kind of reading device she uses.

Technical Issues

The Mobi format is mostly conceived to be read on a Kindle e-reader or a Kindle reading app (although you can also open it with Calibre).

In order to transfer your ebook to your Kindle, you can:

a) send the Mobi file to your own Kindle email-address, as explained here. (Note that you can also do that with your PDF-files!).

b) transfer it to your Kindle folder using a USB-cable.

If you are using a Kindle app for mobile devices, the most likely is that your Mobi file will open by just clicking on it. If this is not the case, search for the file in your download folder using a file explorer. Copy and paste the file on your Kindle folder.
It could be that the default setting of your device opens the PDF files on your browser. Some browsers, especially Firefox and Internet Explorer, can have a conflict with your PDF and just show a blank window. Do not worry: your PDF downloaded with Seebook is in perfect conditions.

In such cases we recommend to search your PDF file in your download folder and to open it with a specific program conceived to read PDFs, like the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Keep in mind that the Kindle e-reader and the Kindle reading app can also be used to read PDFs!
In order to protect the integrity of our books, the PDFs ebooks that you download through Seebook are protected against changes (although you do can print them!). Nevertheless, you can open and read them without any secret key or password.

However, some PDF readers get confused and still ask for a key. In such cases, just try to ignore the warning closing the pop-up window od clicking "OK".

If this does not work, you will have to open your PDF on another application. We recommend you to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can also read PDFs on your Kindle or on the free reading app Aldiko.
First of all, make sure that you have the free reading app iBooks installed on your iPad, since you will need it to open ePub files. If you don't have it, please install it and click again on the Seebook download link: now it should open directly in iBooks.

Some default versions of the iPad browsers don't allow any direct file downloads from the Internet. In this case you can try one of these options:

a) Use iTunes to download on your iPad the iCab application: iCab is a browser that does allow a direct file-download. Once you have it installed, click again on the link we send to you and choose "open in iCab".

b) Maintain your finger some seconds on the download link. Choose "copy". Now open a new tab on your browser, keep your finger some seconds on the empty navigation bar and click "paste". A new menu will open: choose "add to the reading list".
In order to avoid an illicit spread, our download links expire some hours after you receive them. If you click on one of them and get the message "this link has already expired", don't worry: you can use again the codes (QR or alphanumeric) printed on the inside of your card to get a new link.

Doubts about Publishing with Seebook

If you are a publisher, just write to us: we will be happy to have a call or a meeting to explain you the conditions of our service.
Currently our minimum is a print run of 250 copies. We also offer runs of 500 and 1000 (best value).

No. Please keep in mind that our print runs are not covering only the printing and the packaging: each title needs its own layout and hosting and has to be included in our catalog and online shop. It would be not viable for us to make shorter print runs or to include more than one title on them.
We know that to see their books on bookstores is the dream of many writers. However, we will be only able to include their title on our distribution network under certain conditions. Please write to us to know more.

Keep in mind that we purposely conceived our Seebook Indie for self-published authors: it has no distribution, but it offers you a variety of interesting options to promote and sell your book. You can order your own Seebook Indie here.
Our Seebook cards apply a fixed layout that includes the book cover you provide to us. This layout is part of our branding. We only accept a customized design in exceptional cases and without distribution in bookstores. To order a special design may involve a price increase.
Certainly! Seebook is especially suitable for commemorative editions of any kind or as corporate gifts. You can also use them as a greeting card, since the inside offers a generous space for corporate or personal messages.

If you want to know more, please send us an email.
Seebook for publishers, with distribution to bookstores:

We know that publishers are always busy, so we will do our best to simplify the process. Basically we need a book cover in high resolution, the text you want to have on the backside of the card, the isbn of the ebook and the ebook itself in ePub and in PDF. We ill take care of everything: the layout, to prepare the PDF for reading on a tablet, the conversion of the Mobi file...

Seebook Indie for authors, without distribution:

Basically the same, although you don't need an isbn and you can decide which formats you would like to have on your card.
No, digitalization is currently not part of our services, but we can put you in touch with reliable experts.

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