Are you an author? Have you published an ebook?

Congratulations! To write a book is a huge challenge that not many manage to master.

But now you probably want to be read. And you may find out soon that it is not enough to make your ebook available on a sales platform to make this happen.

Seebook Indie can help you!

Seebook indie

Seebook Indie is much cheaper than a printed book and is a great promotion tool. You will be able to give your ebook in hand, and you can sell it, give it away, or dedicate it to your readers on presentations or bookfairs.

Seebook fish Seebook Indie allows you to get in touch by email with whoever downloaded your ebook, i.e. with your real readers. You can let them know that you will give a talk in their city, that you just published a new book or invite them to subscribe to your newsletter... (Please note that due to data protection issues we will not provide their email addresses to you directly, but we will send your emails on your behalf).

Seebook fish Seebook Indie can be signed at public presentations. Have you ever heard of the famous Book day (Sant Jordi) in Barcelona? If you want to experience it first hand, we will be delighted to welcome you to sign at our stand.

Seebook indie at Sant Jordi's Book Day

Seebook fish Seebook Indie is not a publication and does not carry isbn. That has its advantages: your manuscript will remain unpublished and you can submit it to literary contests that impose this condition.

Seebook fishSeebook Indie allows you to add extra features, like rejected chapters, prequels, images related to the content, audio files explaining something about the book... All this files can be downloaded separately, not interfering in the reading process.

They are plenty of things you can do with a tangible ebook like Seebook Indie: you can just leave one or two at a public place, earning new readers; or send them to literary bloggers wrapped in a nice box, perhaps adding some candies; or send them by mail with a note as a Christmas card... Just use your imagination!

If you want to know more, don't hesitate to contact us.

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